basic surgery photoWhether in conjunction with other cosmetic treatments, or as a standalone service for correcting specific body issues, the basic surgery services delivered by Dr. Alfred Cisneros at Centro Dermatologico Laser offer safe and convenient procedures performed by caring, highly qualified medical professionals.

We specialize in addressign minor surgical issues, including:

  • moles
  • scars
  • skin tags
  • nevi
  • keratomas / age spots
  • and more

Procedures take place at the Centro Dermatologico Laser offices, conveniently located in the Chicago area and offering a well-established, safe and highly qualified environment. Outpatient procedures that allow patients to return home the same day are common for many of the surgical services we offer, and we work hand-in-hand with every patient to minimize discomfort and inconvenience as a result of surgery.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your basic surgery needs. You are in good hands with Dr. Alfred Cisneros and Centro Dermatologico Laser!

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