botoxBotox treatment at Centro Dermatologico Laser quickly removes wrinkles through safe and effective application of the botulinum toxin, one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the United States. Overseen by Dr. Alfred Cisneros, our botox procedures meet the highest standards of patient safety and convenience ... and deliver dramatic results very quickly.

Botox treatment works through injections of minute quantities of Botox in specifically targeted areas of the face. The resulting targeted muscle paralysis smooths the skin and prevents the development of wrinkles. Results usually manifest within three to five days, and the treatment can last for many months.

Botox can be one part of an aesthetic regimen to improve appearance, and Centro Dermatologico Laser specializes in integrated treatments to improve the way you look. Our convenient location and hours makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of Botox, and our many years of experience ensure our Botox treatments are effective and safe.

Contact Centro Dermatologico Laser today and set up an appointment for Botox injections: Your wrinkles will be gone, and you'll never look better!

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