cryo laserFreeze your fat away! If you've been fighting stubborn body fat, it can seem impossible to eliminate embarrassing bulges and pockets of fat, especially on the arms, back, waist and thighs. Even intense diet and exercise might not fully eliminate all fat to your satisfaction, and surgical options carry risks, high costs and longer recovery times.

The cryo-laser treatments at Centro Dermatologico Laser employ one of the most exciting recent advances in aesthetic technology to eliminate fat without invasive surgery, damaging the skin, or inconvenience to the patient. Specially tuned lasers cool fat cells beneath the skin, causing the fat cells to expire and flush away while leaving the skin unharmed. The end result is a slimmer, healthier you: ready to look great in any attire and at any occasion.

Although results may be seen immediately following cryo-laser treatment, the process of fat cell elimination continues over months as expired cells are reabsorbed into the body. Depending on circumstances, additional cryo-laser treatments may be employed for further fat removal. Throughout, Centro Dermatologico Laser prioritizes the highest standards of patient care and comfort, overseen by veteran cosmetic surgeon Dr. Alfred Cisneros.

Contact Centro Dermatologico Laser today to discover how cryo-laser can eliminate your unwanted body fat. You'll never look better!

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