Wake up every morning feeling as smooth as the day before with laser hair removal from Centro Dermatologico Laser! Laser hair removal permanently eliminates unwanted body hair via safe, effective, well-established procedures. The end result is silky-smooth skin without the regular hassles of tweezing, shaving or waxing, whether targeted on smaller patches or larger areas of the body.

Laser hair removal employs pulses of safe laser light that are absorbed by the pigment in targeted hair follicles, which then eliminates the hair. We custom-tailor our laser hair removal treatment to your particular skin and hair type, ensuring effective removal of unwanted hair and minimized recovery time.

Laser hair removal can target unwanted hair in areas such as:

  • upper lip and face
  • legs and bikini line
  • back, chest and torso
  • individual coarse hairs

Centro Dermatologico Laser offers convenient appointments and treatment focused on minimizing recovery time from laser hair removal. Our patients love the end results, and you will too.

Contact Centro Dermatologico Laser today and make an appointment for laser hair removal: You will look your best, all the time!

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