radio frequencyRejuvenate your skin's firmness and elasticity with radio frequency treatments from Centro Dermatologico Laser. Using one of the newest and most effective procedures to tighten skin tone, Centro Dermatologico Laser expertly applies radio frequency to dramatically improve the appearance of loose or hanging skin.

Radio frequency therapy employs non-invasive electromagnetic waves to target areas of the skin for rejuvenation. In contrast to laser therapy, radio frequency uses an electric-like current to selectively heat or cool areas beneath the skin, resulting in the production of more collagen, and better collagen replacing the old. The skin remains completely unharmed, and there are little or no adverse effects or recovery time following a radio frequency treatment. The result is a firmer, younger-looking appearance unhampered by sagging skin.

Centro Dermatologico Laser continues its tradition of innovation by offering the latest, safest and most convenient cosmetic treatments to its patients, including radio frequency. Under the expert hand of Dr. Alfred Cisneros, radio frequency treatments have resulted in fantastic results for our patients, provided with the highest standards of care and convenience.

Contact Centro Dermatologico Laser today and dramatically firm up your skin tone with radio frequency therapy: Everyone will say you've never looked better!

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