elimina tatuajesRemove the tattoo that you now regret with tattoo removal services from Centro Dermatologico Laser. Whether your lifestyle has changed, or you require a more professional appearance, laser tattoo removal means that your tattoos need no longer be permanent.

Tattoo removal works by employing high-frequency pulses of laser light to safely penetrate the outer skin and break up tattoo ink, which is then naturally absorbed by the body. Our laser tattoo removal services work on all types of skin and can even be used to lighten existing tattoos for cover-up with a new tattoo.

Laser tattoo removal at Centro Dermotologico Laser typically requires a series of treatments to fully remove the tattoo, and each treatment only takes a few minutes. We prioritize our patients' comfort and convenience and are available at a variety of appointment times for laser tattoo removal and related procedures.

Contact us today to learn how Centro Dermotologico Laser can remove unwanted tattoos and support the appearance you desire.

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